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 on: 2016-10-20, 04:27:19 
Started by Limbertimbre - Last post by Limbertimbre
I have not been able to get Surge to show up in Live for some time now. Is anyone else using this on 64 bit Mac?

 on: 2016-08-29, 11:50:36 
Started by tofudrew - Last post by tofudrew
hey guys,

am i overlooking something? how do I undo a step when i'm editing a patch on Surge?


 on: 2016-01-28, 23:07:56 
Started by zvenx - Last post by Dstruct
My customer zone shows me 1.5.3... but yet I see there is a 1.5.4 demo.
which is the latest version?


For Windows it's 1.5.2.

 on: 2016-01-28, 23:05:52 
Started by arty4u - Last post by Dstruct

Workaround for me is to use the host's preset saving feature (REAPER).

 on: 2016-01-21, 00:08:48 
Started by claes - Last post by pjw
hi, anybody out there?
Claes, I just want to tell you that I miss my SURGE very much! Such a great little synth!
Or is there maybe a possibility of having it working in LogicProX?
kind regards
PJ Wassermann

 on: 2015-12-25, 21:53:09 
Started by Pinbot - Last post by Dstruct
SURGE NRPN MIDI learn doesn't work here when sending 14bit controller values from REAPER's MIDI editor. It eighter learns the first controller or the second (but not both). Any idea?

SURGE 1.5.2 x64
REAPER 5.11 x64


 on: 2015-05-25, 01:08:46 
Started by alien_brain - Last post by wikter
Nothing to do.
Any Pro feature requires authorisation. And now SC is freeware.
Maybe "Independence" will be the answer, but it's very complicated.

 on: 2015-05-14, 10:07:19 
Started by arty4u - Last post by MitchK1989
There's also no 64 bit mac version AFAIK to run it in ableton live...

 on: 2015-05-14, 10:02:28 
Started by ninja - Last post by MitchK1989
Surge was my first and favorite softsynth, and now I can't run it in ableton because there's no 64 bit OSX version...

 on: 2015-03-29, 16:12:45 
Started by alien_brain - Last post by alien_brain
check this out:

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