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1  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: help me to understend surge osc on: 2011-04-08, 07:27:28
yes, there are only two pure envelopes per-scene, so they're shared between the three oscillators of the scene. But, each lfo (the orange ones in the bottom) can also act as an envelope that you can map freely.
2  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Can't stop loving Surge on: 2010-02-05, 18:49:59
We're to busy working like crazy at the moment to have time to write trash on the blog, hehe..

I did some surge bug-fixing on wednesday though so v1.5.4 should be rolled out soon-ish.
3  shortcircuit / General discussion about shortcircuit / Re: Pity about the swearing on: 2009-12-08, 23:38:22
If it's a big problem then it's quite easy to "fix" this with a hex editor. Just search the .dll file for the text and replace it with something else the same length, the plug-in won't care.
4  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Surge v1.5.3 released (OSX bugfix only) on: 2009-11-09, 13:12:18
1.5.3 only fixed mac specific bugs, so there is no need for it on windows. Next release, whenever that is, will of course be for both platforms.
5  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Parameters on: 2009-11-09, 12:55:43
It supports MIDI CC and NRPN messages for controllers (NRPN both in absolute and relative (inc/dec) mode). You just have to right-click a slider and choose MIDI learn and then move the midi controller. The controllers are not mapped by default however.
6  vember|audio / About the company / Re: Burikusu!!! album released! on: 2009-10-15, 11:38:18
new free track:
  Hellbeak vs Dendroid  by  burikusu
7  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Surge v1.5.3 released (OSX bugfix only) on: 2009-09-27, 18:50:21
send me a mail with your e-mail you used when registering or login name and i'll look in to it.
8  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Surge v1.5.3 released (OSX bugfix only) on: 2009-09-27, 12:11:44
at the same time as the bugfix.
9  SURGE / Bug Reports / Re: Snow Leopard on: 2009-09-24, 15:13:01
the bugfix is uploaded now

10  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Surge v1.5.3 released (OSX bugfix only) on: 2009-09-24, 14:55:22
The v1.5.3 update is now available in the customer zone.

- OSX AU: fixed bug that prevented surge from passing the AUVAL tool in snow leopard. As a result, it wouldn't load in Logic.
- OSX VST: fixed crash caused by snow leopard no longer allowed setting the SSE control register directly.
11  SURGE / Bug Reports / Re: Snow Leopard on: 2009-09-21, 15:55:32
Update: It seems like I've fixed two Snow Leopard related bugs, one preventing the AU from passing auval and one causing VSTs to crash because how SL deals with SSE control registers. I aim to have the new download available within the next few days.
12  SURGE / Bug Reports / Re: Snow Leopard on: 2009-09-11, 18:00:24
I just found what the AU problem was, hopefully I'll have a fix early next week.

Do you have a reproducible way to get the crashes? Does it happen with the plugin directly in live as well, or only when wrapped in kore?

13  SURGE / Bug Reports / Re: Snow Leopard on: 2009-09-02, 12:21:34
I'm gonna install the snowcat later today too see whats going on. I'll let you know when I know more.

- c
14  SURGE / Bug Reports / Re: Surge crashing logic on: 2009-07-31, 13:20:47
I couldn't reproduce this on my machine, so I need some more information to figure out what's going on.

What kind of machine are you running this on? And which version of OSX and logic?
15  SURGE / General discussion about SURGE / Re: Is Surge still being actively developed? on: 2009-06-23, 10:26:00
I intend to fix it with the next update, but I haven't decided when that will be yet.
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