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Title: PLEASE HELP! Alternatives to Shortcircuit audition feature ???
Post by: moffdnb on 2013-02-01, 16:01:46
Hey Guys,

I have moved to Win7 64 (Sonar) and sadly these samplers are dead for me (crashing even when bridged) so I have to try and find a replacement.  Ok so only Shortcircuit and Vsampler (after an exhaustive search) seem to have a feature I cannot live without.  Let me explain:

I could browse to a Sampler folder on my HDD within the sampler GUI and choose to display all wavs within (even with sub directories is wished) on a large browser window.
Then I could click ONCE ONLY on a sample and immediately audition it on my midi keyboard.  Choosing to play octave up/down or whatever.
I did not have to import the file into the sampler to do this (which every other sampler seems to need to do for pitching playback on keys)

The was great for me considering I hap-hazardly work with 1000's of samples and therefore need to speedy Audition of samples.

Again only Vsampler and Shortcircuit can do this without a fuss.  Does anyone out there know of another decent sampler that can audition samples live on keys wiothout having to import first?  Let me stress that importing is no good for me at this auditioning stage.  If I find a potential sample that will work I will import it for later editing but I just have to have this speedy playable audition feature.

Much appreciate any suggestions.  I'm sure there is something else capable of this.  Even Kontakt cannot do it.  It has an option to use < - > arrow keys to skip through samples in 1 folder but no use with 1000's to go through.

Even an external wave browser that has a built in (even if crappy) sampler that will allow me to pitch samples on keys would be great.

Hope you can help!